Our Spiritual World: Shadow-Banned by the Satanic Network, when they want their agenda moved forward...

Our Spiritual World: Shadow-Banned by the Satanic Network, when they want their agenda moved forward...: I have been shadow-banned since the 1990s, long before the term became a brand/meme. I then and now call it black listing. For that is what it truly is. Being black listed in all ways and things, not just in the public release of information via articles and the like. If you are being shadow banned, believe me, it's every aspect of your life. All those little "coincidences" aren't that at all. It's the machinery of the Deep State, Globalist Satanic Empire making sure you go nowhere, are unable to be or do anything that moves your life forward, and keeps you in a state of poverty. ...


Me too.  Maybe not as severe, but we are getting it too.

They really want their vaccine and 5G agenda going forward.

Just recently the digital angel site hosts GoDaddy all of a sudden says we can no longer upload files like .zip, .rar, mp3, mp4, etc... even though it's on a paid FTP plan.  Originally, it was okay to do so, and now all of a sudden no longer allowed. So I said, just cancel the whole thing, and I can put them on other hosting sites.  The name will eventually link to a mixes site, maybe. The mix stuff is unimportant anyway, and was just a hobby thing.  Money saved as far as I'm concerned.

And I have already have made all my YouTube videos private a while back.  All one sees is various playlists of stuff saved from everyone else.

And if and when they go after all our blogs, this will be it.

Download all documents listed here (pdf, .doc, etc...), videos and whatever can be downloaded and save on a backup drive or something.  Like summit transcripts, vaccine exemption forms, etc...  Save all important links to informative sites, and PDF those sites too. 

There is a pdf converter thingy at the bottom of each post to convert said posts into a pdf for the information and other commentary.  Mostly for those who want the solution based stuff, which there is plenty of in various posts.  This is the site to use without having to have the extension or the thing in the posts...