Fatty Liver

Although, the Fatty Liver Docu-class is scheduled to air soon, below is info about fatty liver from an earlier HTO summit.  Kinda sorta a spoiler alert, but from another summit company.  The transcript is also linked to, as it was in one of the free talks upon signing up to watch it.  So they are telling how to get rid of a fatty liver.  So for those dealing with difficultly with weight loss, and other related issues, here you go.

Fatty Liver:

Bile: Key to Anxiety and Hormone Havoc
from Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD, CNS
Effects on estrogen and thyroid health
Symptoms of low-quality bile
Using bitters, choline, taurine, inositol and methionine


Trudy: So you mentioned methionine, choline, and inositol and you said 500 milligrams. Is that 500 milligrams of each of those nutrients? 

Ann Louise: Yes, three times a day, breakfast, lunch, and dinner, it’s a fastest way, number one, to lose weight and to get rid of a fatty liver. 

It’s a real secret that I learned many years ago from Dr. Robert Atkins. I was his surrogate daughter, so to speak. Bob Atkins and I would speak all the time. He would have preferred to have been known as the America’s integrative holistic physician, not the diet doctor we’ve come to associate him with today. And it was something that he had learned years ago from Carlton Fredericks. And that was that 500 milligrams of these lipotropic nutrients were helpful in weight loss, number one, and in turning a toxic estrogen, the estrones and the estradiols in your system natively and from the environment into non-toxic estriol. And the nice thing that I was also able to corroborate is that choline, in the amount of 500 milligrams, three times a day, within two to three months, will decongest the fatty liver. So this is almost a miraculous nutrient. Almost like a panacea to so many issues that are concerning women today from the inability to lose weight, to break down fats, to have a nonalcoholic fatty liver, and to the anxiety issues. So this is how we get good cholesterol in our systems. This is how we get good estrogen in the system. This is how we lose weight. Those three nutrients, that we will find through many of our testing are very deficient in the typical American diet. Choline, where do you get choline? We used to get it from soy lecithin, which is not a popular food in this day and age. Same thing with inositol and methionine. So those three are my three goto nutrients.

And here they are, from clean resources...




Also, NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine) is a precursor to glutathione production in the liver, and also helps with a fatty liver.  And the Lifewave glutathione patches can be used as well.


All of the above supplements are clean with no added excipients, and also available in safer gelatin capsules.

Chinese Bitters from here...