The Daily Messenger: Facing the Wuhan Reality

The Daily Messenger: Facing the Wuhan Reality: Halcyon days...that are no more. Thank you Dad for those blessings. I go to the ramparts to sound the warning. Don Bradley 2-8-20


Yeah, we are all dealing with various stuffs.

And the teeth thing is a real beyotch, because we do NOT have the cash to fix.  Even the capped ones on top have to be redone, but who has hundreds of dollars just lying around.  And the bottom ones just keep dissolving, no matter what.  But at least a friend of ours was able to save her teeth from one of my earlier posts on what to do.  Funny, how it's helped hers, but not working so well on mine.  But I keep taking stuff that I have on hand and do the best I can.  I could just pull them all and be done with it, but my structure will totally crash, starting with the head first, and then all the way down the spine, as it were.

Most ppl are just living paycheck to paycheck with super high rents that have to be paid, power bills, water bills, etc...

I could probably get by eating only twice a week, since I have no appetite anyway.  My hubs is always snacking and I'm like, "you're hungry still?"  Hehehe.