Understanding Artificial Intelligence and Targeted Individuals Part 1

To all brothers and sisters in Christ. Be aware that in these very dark times that many of our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ ARE currently being targeted (TI's). AVOID at ALL costs giving your DNA to companies such as 23andMe, etc... Check out Daniel Duvall's book Advanced Prayers That Shake Heaven and Earth from Bride Ministries. https://amzn.to/2UaaErx - Many of the Bride of Christ are currently being targeted RIGHT NOW. & have been for many years now. We are to Love One Another and Do Good. We are to stand in the gap for our brothers and sisters who are all going thought this electronic harassment.

Regarding prayers, there are only about 6 people that I would allow and trust to lay hands on me to pray over me.  We have a local husband and wife team, whom we both trust here.  The rest of the folks are too far away.  So it's my husband and also this local husband and wife team. 

Also look up LookOutFACharlie on youtube regarding the Ringing in the ears, etc...

And Michael Chapala can eliminate those tough implants that are being used as receivers in the body.  He has a video out about helping a guy who was the worst TI he's ever seen.  It takes the Giant Coil treatment for the TI's.


An encouraging graphic that one of my sisters posted.